Access to premium RV vehicles with no ownership or maintenance

Save money and gain the freedom to create your own adventures without the hassles of ownership
Save up to $45K per year without owning

The cost of entry for access to our premium fleet is significantly less than the cost of entry for ownership (up to $45K depending on type of RV purchased) saving you money and giving you more flexibility for travel. You are not responsible for the maintenance, storage, and insurance that comes with ownership.

Less planning to simplify your travel

Our Rvs come fully stocked with amenities–less planning and packing + no post-trip clean up so you can fully relax from the moment you pick up your vehicle to the moment you return it!

Immediate access to our premium fleet

Make your adventures happen as soon as you want them to with constant access to the highest quality vehicles with a rolling bank of 10 nights giving you flexibility to plan as you go.

No more hassle of ownership.

No loans, no maintenance, no storage, no hassle of ownership. Save time and money while still being able to travel the way you want with access to high quality vehicles at your fingertips. The average RV owner only uses 20 - 25 nights annually, with the high costs associated with owning, Route Line makes your adventures easily accessible at a lower cost with fewer headaches.

Gain back freedom and flexibility to your travels

Have immediate access to our premium fleet making your adventures happen as soon as you want them to. You have constant access to premium vehicles with a rolling bank of 10 nights giving you flexibility to plan as you go to take the pressure out of planning.

Simplify and enjoy your travel again

Our vehicles are fully stocked with premium amenities complete with bedding, tables, smart lighting, temperature control, and more. Less planning, packing, & no post-trip clean up so you can fully relax and spend more time outdoors.

Don't take our word for it

We are so thrilled to be members with Route Line.Our first trip was wonderful...So many fun surprises.  Automatic wipers, it rained our whole first day, the auto wipers are so great!!  The Pendelton blanket, and wonderful bed made for the best night's rest in a long time! All the beautiful lighting. The fully stocked unit was over the top.  We didn't have to bring anything extra...Everything is so well thought through.  Your team works so beautifully together.

Susan Swanson Route Line Member

Everyone I have interacted with at Route Line has been great and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have told multiple people about the company and sing its praises whenever the opportunity arises.The best testament to our experience is that as soon as we get home from camping with Route Line, we start looking at our calendars to figure out when we can book another trip.

Reijo Saajasto, Lead Product Structure Architect at SpaceX - Route Line Member

We've already recommended Route Line to a ton of friends, although it's hard not to keep it our little secret. We used to want to buy a Sprinter, but renting from Route Line is easier and more affordable, so we'd never bother now. Thanks, guys -- you're the best!

Brooks Teevan
Our story

Johannes Ariens, Founder of Route Line, has  spent many nights in truck beds, RVs, conversion vans, tents, and at campgrounds both dispersed and commercial, he recognized a void in the marketplace and wanted to help bridge the gap.  He started asking questions, reaching out, researching, and modeling what would become Route Line.

Ultimately,  Johannes learned that the barrier to entry for an RV is high, maintenance and storage is arduous, waitlist for these vehicles is up to 12 months and the average RV user only uses 20 - 25 nights annually. With these data points in mind, it was clear that ownership is not optimum. 


YOU HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO OUR ADVENTURE VEHICLES but 10 nights at a time please, to assure inventory is always available for all 

Think of it like the Library. You can read every book in the library but only check out 10 books at a time. When you bring books back, you can check out more.

We have 3 different types of vehicles so it's important to keep your options open. Weekdays have plenty of availability,  Also keep in mind campsites book up too so planning ahead is always a great idea. You can always reach out to for additional help.

We have a 24 hour emergency contact through in vehicles services such as OnStar or MercedesMe.  You can also email or call us at 206-717-3730x800.

As a member  you have 5,000 miles per year at your disposal. Should you choose to rent a vehicle via Night x Night you get 200 miles per nightand its $0.50 per mile additional.

 If you book a Night x Night reservation the cancellation policy is as follows:

14 days + : 100% refund

13 days - 48 hours - 50% credit towards another trip with us  

0- 48 hours: no refund.

As a member we ask that you cancel your reservation 7 days prior to check in without penalty. After 7 days there is a $100 fee.

We can accommodate delivery at an additional fee, however our vehicles are stored in a secured lot in Seattle where there is plenty of secured parking for you to store your personal vehicle and get on the road in ours.  

Currently Pick up is between 3-5pm and drop off is between 9-11 am.  We are quickly moving towards a new policy that allows for both pick and drop off to occur between 9am - 4pm daily, by appointment.

es! A fee of $100 applies and the vehicle will come with pet feeding bowls and treats.  

Ready for hassle free adventure?

Inquire about rental options or talk to a member specialist to get started with Route Line today!