The Fun Route To Your Next Adventure

The Fun Route To Your Next Adventure

Have you dreamed about getting a camper van for your Pacific Northwest  outdoor adventures? Route Line has found a way to make access to the best  outdoor camper vans with bathrooms convenient, simple, and affordable. Why  did we do this? And how does it work? Well, we have a story to tell.  

It is no accident that newfangled words like "glamping," "vanlife," and  "boondocking" have become prevalent in conversation and social media. The  allure of embarking on an adventure on one's own terms appeals to the deepest  human desires – to be free, mobile, self-contained, and experience new places  and things. Until the advent of luxury camper vans, the competing human wish to  bring creature comforts with us on such outings made the vacation house or  cumbersome RV the only viable options. It's no wonder that so many people are  now in the market for camper rentals.  

Have you considered looking for a camper for rent? Or perhaps to buy or share  any sort of camper or RV?  

This inaugural Route Line blog post will explain our unique, affordable, and  flexible approach to getting someone like you on the road to your favorite outdoor  destinations in a rugged but luxurious camper. We aim to put the adventures  you've dreamed of within easy reach. Going to the Gorge for a concert? Hiking  San Juan Island? Looking for dog-friendly beaches along the Oregon Coast?  Leaf peaking the colorful fall foliage in California? Heading all the way to the  southern California desert? Have a secret destination in mind? No matter what  your vanlife fantasy is, we've got you covered.  

First, what are the obstacles to just purchasing adventure camper vans for  travel? Although that works for some people, two significant challenges stop  most in their tracks before driving off into the sunset owning a one – cost and 

access. A fully outfitted, high-quality camper van with a bathroom can cost  upwards of $300,000. Got the cash? Great! Now you have to wait around a year  for delivery. And when you take delivery, you'll have to insure it, find secure  parking, pay for repairs, and know that time would depreciate its value. Finally,  like a smartphone, much of the technology and features will be obsolete in a few  short years. All that said, even if you are going to purchase your own vehicle, you  can use Route Line to test out different models and also see if vanlife is really for  you before plopping down hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Another consideration as far as purchasing an adventure vehicle is being realistic  about how often you would use it. Is it worth paying $200k to $300k plus  insurance for a vehicle you can only use a few weeks every year? The typical RV  owner only uses their rig 20 days per year, and that average includes retired  people who skew the results upwards.  

Hospitality industry veteran, outdoor adventurer, and entrepreneur Johannes  Ariens thought long and hard about this dilemma when he came up with the idea  for Route Line. Hopscotching over the problematic nature of RV rentals and peer to-peer sharing apps, Ariens envisioned a streamlined subscription service.  Members would have access to clean, well-maintained, top-of-the-line adventure  vehicles. There would be options for people of all walks of life headed to  whatever destination they could drive to. Heading off to hike, ski, snowboard,  bike, surf, raft, dive, fly fish, or kayak? The vehicles would accommodate gear for  almost any sport. Taking the kids? No problem – options for vans that will sleep  six! Don't want to leave the pet at home? Of course they can come along!  Romantic getaway? Well, the beds are very comfortable. And oh, the views!  

Keep those dream adventures in mind as you read on.  

Now imagine unlimited access to a premier fleet of durable, well-built, and  luxurious adventure vehicles: Mercedes Sprinter vans customized by Overland  Van Project, rugged Toyota and Chevy pickups sporting Scout Olympic 

Campers, and Taxa Mantis Overland trailers. Our "best in class" fleet is  constantly growing to accommodate demand. We take care of updating,  maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. You focus on having fun.  

All of our vehicles come with bedding, cookware, dishes, tables, smart lighting,  temperature controls, toilets, and other premier features. We've driven tens of  thousands of miles in these campers, spent hundreds of nights sleeping in them,  and cooked untold meals for hungry people in their kitchens. We know what it is  like to travel in them with our friends, family members, and pets. We've outfitted  the vehicles with high-quality, space-saving amenities based on our real-world  experiences fulfilling our own travel and adventure dreams. Plus, we are always  open to customer feedback to improve the experience even more. Our mission is  to get our members to have fun, amazing outdoor experiences and leave the  details and the worry to us.  

Route Line members have a bank of ten nights at their disposal. Once a member  uses one night, it immediately goes back into their "bank." They have the  freedom and flexibility to book those nights when and as they wish. Think of it like  Net Jets or Freedom Boat Club, but for adventure vehicles. If a member wants to  book more than ten nights at once, they can get additional time at 50% off the  published rental rates – generally around $200 to $300 per night.  

Route Line realizes that some people will only be occasional users of adventure  vehicles, and membership won't be worth it. For them, we have a hassle-free,  more traditional rental option. You can even rent a conversion van for one night.  

Route Line has two subscription options. For any-day access to the vans, trucks,  and trailers, there is a one-time $7,000 initiation fee and then a subscription fee  of $500 per month. For weekday-only access, the subscription fee is $350 per  month, and the initiation fee is $5,000. Members who pay for an entire year up  front get one month free. And all members get 5,000 free miles per year. (Typical 

rental companies only offer around 100 miles per day.) Members can cancel at  any time by giving 30 days' notice.  

See the chart below to compare the cost of owning a luxury camper van to  purchasing a Route Line subscription. It's a HUGE savings! As you can see,  people who choose a Route Line membership over buying a luxury camper van  or truck see an initial savings of around $38,000 and ongoing annual savings of  about $37,500. Were you wondering how you would afford to take that go on that  Pacific Northwest outdoor adventure you've been dreaming about? Subscribing  over purchasing would save you enough to take that vacation and have plenty  left to cross a few more things off your bucket list.

Routeline first blog

Once someone becomes a member, they receive a unique personal promo code  that allows them to book any available camper in our fleet. No other program  allows this much access to such a premier fleet of rugged adventure vehicles. It's  a vanlife dream come true!

When picking up a vehicle, you simply drive to our secure parking lot in South  Seattle, leave your car there, and drive off in one of the rigs. Upon drop-off at the  end of your trip, simply return the van to the lot, get in your car and drive home.  We will clean the camper and get it ready for the next person. There is a nominal  $35 cleaning fee for each rental, or $100 if a pet has gone along on the  adventure.  

If a customer can't make it to our lot for whatever reason, they can contact us,  and we will arrange to have the camper van, truck, or trailer delivered to their  home or workplace for a fee. Similar arrangements can be made for the end of  the journey.  

Currently, Route Line vehicles are only available for pickup in Seattle. However,  we have big plans to expand into other areas where people are hungry for  outdoor adventure, which is to say, everywhere! So if you don't live in the Seattle  area, keep an eye out for us. No matter where you live, someday soon, when you  type "camper vans rental near me" into your favorite search engine, Route Linewill come up in the results! 

We envision a world where sharing is the norm, not the exception. For there to  be wild places, we need to become responsible consumers and minimize our  carbon footprint. That ethos, along with the adventurous spirit, is built into the  DNA of Route Line. We welcome you to the revolutionary new paradigm of  vanlife – affordable, rugged, luxurious, hassle-free subscription adventure  vehicles.  

And remember, if you are simply looking for simple leisure travel van rentals, we  have that option too. We know from experience that a rental van in Seattle has  been a hot commodity, and our fleet is available to fill that need as well.  

You can learn more about us on our website and by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

We look forward to seeing you on the back roads.

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